I am an herbalist, bodyworker, medicine maker and gardener, and I believe in resiliency.

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My work is in the space between. The space where it feels like something is just not right, but also not quite wrong enough to go to the doctor. Or maybe you’ve been to the doctor (maybe even lots of doctors) and they say nothing’s wrong. Or what they say doesn’t feel like the right answer.

Our bodies are infinitely wise. There are as many ways to heal as there are people, and I’m here to help you find which way is right for you. No one way is right or wrong.

I’ve spent the last 20 years refining my touch. The body has a lot to say, and it speaks a different language than you and I. With each passing year, I become better versed in this subtle language and learn more ways to answer. We each have our own story, and our life experience shapes who we are. But at our very core, we’re all the same person we came in as. My work is to find who you are and what you need at those deeper levels. I begin by assessing (through pulses, gait analysis, massage, verbal questions) to find and release blockages, both physically and energetically. Once more balance has been created, we can work together to determine the next step. Quite often, I can offer more, but if not, I have a rich network of healthcare providers, both allopathic and natural who I feel comfortable referring out to.

I believe we all deserve to thrive and enjoy this one beautiful life.


Together with my husband and two children, we have a small organic orchard and nursery. We specialize in growing resilient plants, well adapted for the Wenatchee Valley. With these plants, we make elixirs and plant medicines that help us become more resilient and well adapted for our everyday lives, like work or school, stress, anxiety, viruses, bumps and bruises, and all sorts of physical and emotional struggle. Please contact me if you have an interest in growing your own medicine garden, and I’ll let you know what plants we currently have available.