structural integration

What is Structural Integration and the 10 session series?

As humans, we are complicated and beautiful. Our life imprints on our bodies, and sometimes it’s the complicated things that stick – like injuries, accidents, illness and trauma. Structural Integration works to unwind these things that no longer serve us, piece by piece. Just as a house needs a solid foundation, so do our bodies. So we start at the bottom, and work our way up, me doing the hands on work, you doing the movement, breathing and feeling. I’ll guide you to the places I sense restrictions, and if you’re ready, you can let them go and move into a way of living in your body with more ease, comfort and freedom. I believe that when our bodies are able to release the compensation patterns of yesteryear, it changes something in us. Far deeper than our physical bodies. It’s often the impetus for important things.

Each session runs about 1 ½ hours, some a bit longer, some a bit shorter, depending on each session and your own body.

If you sign up for the full series, please be prepared to complete it. I realize this is a big commitment. For this reason, I offer Session 1 as a standalone treatment. You can try it out with no commitment and find out if it’s right for you. If you’re interested in going through the series in September, call me so we can discuss these details.

How is it different from massage?

The intention is different.

With massage, my intent is to meet you where you are today with no plan or expectations, instead listening only for what your body is asking for. I love this work, it is of deep value to allow the body to be heard and respond accordingly.

With SI, my intent is to guide you toward a change you’ve been craving. We may not always work with the area that’s bothering you, instead focusing on how to support that space. In Structural Integration, my focus is the fascia – the connective tissue of the body. It’s a rich, fluid network of communication running through the entire body, wrapping every muscle, bone and organ. In this network, there is great capacity for long lasting change. Each session builds on the one previous, until the entire body has had the opportunity to realign into a soft, comfortable place of ease. Sessions usually take place once a week for 10 or 11 weeks, and include movement education and homework (of some sort – it’s different for everyone). This allows a week for your body to integrate the changes and prepare for what comes next.

Both massage and Structural Integration can be profound and healing. If you aren’t sure what’s right for you, call me and we can discuss it.


For a more in depth description of each session, visit the SOMA Institute’s website. While you’re there, check out the rest of the site, it’s rich in wonderful information about bodywork. I graduated from there in 2001, and the faculty and work they do are near and dear to my heart.


Session work – $145/session

I accept cash, check or paypal.