I have been assisting and lead instructor in both Structural Integration and massage since 2006, most recently with entry level students at Columbia River Institute of Massage in Wenatchee and the Soma Institute of Structural Integration on Whidbey Island.

In 2022 I will be offering several CE workshops here in Wenatchee.

Workshop Dates TBA

Fascial Unwinding; a deep dive into the fascial system.

In this 3 day intensive, we’ll explore fascia’s memory, communication and resiliency. Our days will consist of hands on work, lecture/demos, posture/gait analysis, and discussion. You will learn how to see structural imbalances and address them via the fascial system. This profound work creates lasting change.

Plant Medicine for Bodyworkers

This 3 day intensive is an introduction to several medicinal plants of the Wenatchee Valley and how we can use them in the treatment room. You will learn local plants that are highly effective for bone, muscle, nerve, and joint pain. In this hands-on class, you will make 5-7 products using foraged and cultivated plants (ex: salve, lotion, liniment, poultice, infused oil).

Some topics we’ll cover:

  • wild harvesting
  • optimal extraction methods for each plant
  • the science of transdermal applications
  • the magic of creating effective products
  • the science AND magic of 5 plants
  • decolonizing our health
  • empowering individual health through knowledge of wild medicines

PLEASE NOTE: This class does not cover or include essential oils.

Previous classes:

  • 8 hour Into to Prenatal Massage
  • Plant Medicine for Bodyworkers, a 3 day intensive
  • 8 hour Intro to 5 Element Theory and Eastern Medicine for Bodyworkers
  • 8 hour Postural and gait analysis
  • 8 hour Intuition and the Medicine You Carry

I am a CE provider for Washington State, and am available to teach small group classes.