plant medicine

What is plant medicine?

Good question.

It depends on who you ask. Each person who practices or uses plant medicine has a different relationship to it, so what I can tell you is how I practice and what I use.

I came to plant medicine as a bodyworker, so much of my work is hands on. Plants don’t work like pharmacueticals, so I won’t give you an herb to treat a specific diagnosis. Instead, I’ll ask questions, feel your pulses and get a full picture of you, your health and what you hope to gain.

One thing is certain. Plant medicine is Medicine of The People. It is wildly abundant, easy to grow or wildcraft, easy to make, and safe to use (as long as you’ve properly identified you plant) I believe it should be common knowledge that everyone can tend to their own and their families mild to moderate health concerns. It’s the original preventative medicine, and we all have access to it.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are both gentle and profound. They reach the areas in our being that other types of plant medicine can’t. Most of us have a person or place we can go to that will reliably shift our perspective. Maybe it’s the secret alpine lake that reboots our soul,  the Willow tree at a grandparents house that always felt safe and quiet, or a good friend who always sees you for who you are. None of them gave us anything, just being in their presence changed us.

For me, this is how flower essences work. A skilled practitioner can help you find the one that can meet you in that place. It’s a subtle art, and one I love. Used regularly, they can shift those big things that feel insurmountable. I’ve heard that they work slowly, subtly and over time. This is true, but I’ve also seen (and felt) them work instantly and powerfully.

Flower essences are often included in the above mentioned plant medicine sessions.